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Introduction to ExtraBold Sales Concepts Workshop
  •  What do you believe about sales?
  •  Do you have the tools you need to do the job? 
  •  Are you making it a priority to create time to sell? 
Imagine That In Your Business You Can:
  •  go from dread to confidence 
  • go from wasted work hours to efforts that actually produce revenue
  •  go from feeling sleazy and uncomfortable to reaching the people you need to talk to easily
  •  go from "winging it" in sales to having the right tool to engage with your audience
What you will have when you finish the workshop:
  •  An inventory of sales tools to maximize your customer recruitment
  •  An understanding of where you are spending your time now and what to work on to be promoting your business more
  •  Ways to work through the fear of reaching out to people
  •  An understanding of your top concerns about sales and tools to address that discomfort 
  •  A personalized list of where you should be focusing your efforts engaging new customers
We will be at the beautifully curated and private Heights Haven Center for the workshop.
Catherine Brown President of ExtraBold Sales
Catherine Brown
Speaker & President of ExtraBold Sales
Catherine Brown is a graduate from Rice University in Houston, and she has been a business owner and sales professional with over 20 years' selling experience. She is the creator of the ExtraBold Sales System, a sales training curriculum she developed after trying most of the programs on the market and finding them disappointing. Her proven, science-based materials help you overcome the fear and dread of reaching prospects, revealing the beliefs and habits that keep you from working effectively. This workshop will enable you to work more confidently to bring in revenue.
You don’t have to have “sales” in your title to participate in any of our workshops or classes. You only need to realize you need help reaching more potential clients or customers in your field. I’ve seen great strides gained from the material presented in this workshop. 
I want that for you!

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