"It’s been my experience that almost every person I know, even the excellent sales professionals that I’ve hired, has some Call Reluctance®.” - Catherine Brown
What if you could learn to identify and understand your areas of hesitation so that they were no longer obstacles for you? In the 1970s, Behavioral Sciences Research Press began to do scientific research on Sales Call Reluctance®, and they identified specific challenges that professionals face when they need to promote themselves and their business. The Sales Preference Questionnaire (SPQ*GOLD®) is the beginning of understanding your own behavior in sales.

When you take the SPQ*GOLD®:
  • • Learn which of the 12 identified areas of Sales Call Reluctance® that keep you from reaching clients consistently and with confidence.  
  • • Receive extensively validated and reliable results. This assessment has been given over 800,000 times in a variety of fields.
  • • Take online at a time convenient for you and in a setting of your choosing.
  • • Receive a 1-hour personal debriefing meeting with Catherine that is private and provides recommendations for actionable next steps.

“Sales skills and knowledge are important, but less measurable things like habits, beliefs, and motives are what matters more to sales success. The SPQ*GOLD® really does measure those difficult-to-assess traits that matter the most. I know of nothing else like it.” - Catherine Brown
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