Do you need more business?

Tried every 'trick' for success?

We have the link you've been missing.
The ONLY WAY to improve selling is to become a changed person.
The ONLY WAY to change as a salesperson is the ExtraBold System.
We've seen time and time again that the only way to change behavior is to change AS A PERSON. This principle is no less true when it comes to the changes we need to make to promote our business.

Do you:
  • hesitate when reaching out to new clients?
  • question when the best way to reach them?
  •  spend too much time on activities that don't produce income?
  •  not even sure where your hesitances lie?
  •  know you need help and solutions for what is keeping you from reaching your potential?
Taking the Sales Preference Questionnaire™ (SPQ*GOLD®)  will identify those areas that are most holding you back from becoming the kind of person you want to be in promoting your business.

Understanding our own strengths and weaknesses better helps us work on the change we need to make to become people who sell our company's products and services more consistently, with integrity.
I received such great insight into my own sales reluctance (yes, even I have some!) taking the Sales Preference Questionnaire™ that I became a Certified Assessor that qualifies me to give and evaluate the SPQ*GOLD®. 
SPQ*GOLD® - What You'll Get:
  • Learn which of the 12 identified areas of Sales Call Reluctance® that keep you from reaching clients consistently and with confidence.
  • Identify the  sales call impostors you  deal with.
  • Extensively validated and reliable. This assessment has been given over 800,000 times in a variety of fields. If you need new clients, you will benefit from this!
  •  Taken online at a time convenient for you and in a setting of your choosing.
  •  Included is a 1-hour evaluation with Catherine that is personalized for you and your results. 
  •   Preferential seating in our next Selling Boldly 6-week coaching class.
Here's What Other People Are Saying about ExtraBold Sales:
"THANK YOU for the “secret” of cold calls...! This “barbarian at the gate” has had the best success these last two Fridays!"
"After our training... our senior sales reps increased 15% and 20% over the previous month. This... helped organize and change their way of thinking about the sales approach on a daily basis. "

"Thanks again for the training... I found it VERY helpful (and motivating!)"
The Sales Preference Questionnaire™ is just the launching point! We offer half-day workshops , personal coaching and corporate training. 

Learn more below and sign-up on our waiting list so you can grab your spot.
Why You Need ExtraBold:
Sales Limiting Beliefs
We all have hurdles and limitations. We don't know what we don't know and can learn from others.

ExtraBold Sales gives you everything you need to reach clients consistently, effectively and with integrity.
The Science
Interested in all the science that goes behind the Sales Preference Questionnaire™? Click HERE
The Benefits
  •  A personalized assessment of your sales call reluctance® taken from the comfort of your own environment.
  •  A  1-hour call with Catherine to evaluate your results.
  •  Direction to change so that you maximize your sales potential.
  •  Preferential seating in our next Selling Boldly 6-week coaching class.
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