Are you tired of feeling like you
are begging for new business?
Many business owners and sales executives struggle to maintain a healthy pipeline of new business opportunities for their companies. In fact, prospecting for new clients is among many business leaders’ least favorite tasks, and yet these activities are vital. The ExtraBold Sales System is a business development curriculum that includes both the “how” of business-to-business selling, as well as an overview of the psychological principles whose mastery is essential to consistently close new business. 

Modules include managing a sales process, how to get sales calls with your target customer, how to overcome reluctance in calling on new businesses, how to generate new routines that contribute to weekly success, and how to maintain momentum and avoid burnout in sales. Led by Rice alumni Catherine Lee Brown, an experienced, Houston-based sales trainer and entrepreneur. 

The ONLY WAY to improve selling is to become a changed person.
The ONLY WAY to change as a salesperson is the ExtraBold System.
Many entrepreneurs feel the weight of identifying and recruiting their clients. The ExtraBold System provides everything you need in order to find, understand, and earn the trust of new customers, reaching them with persistence and dignity.
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