Available Topics
Sales is easy and fun for Catherine now, but she's been practicing for over 20 years. She can teach your team to sell more confidently. 
Some available topics that Catherine loves to share:
How to get sales meetings with businesses you want to sell to

How to position what you sell so people pay attention

How to reach potential customers without feel pushy and intrusive

Overcoming Fear in Sales
Imagine That In Your Business You Can:
  •  go from dread to confidence 
  • go from wasted work hours to efforts that actually produce revenue
  •  go from feeling sleazy and uncomfortable to reaching the people you need to talk to easily
  •  go from "winging it" in sales to having the right tool to engage with your audience
Catherine Brown President of ExtraBold Sales
Catherine Brown
Speaker & President of ExtraBold Sales
Catherine Brown understands what it means to be nervous in
selling situations. She has spent over 20 years learning to sell effectively
and is now teaching others to do the same through the ExtraBold Sales System, a curriculum she wrote after leading a B2B telemarketing firm for over 15 years. Her clients have included professional services firms, software companies, medical device manufacturers, oil & gas companies, higher education, and non-profit organizations. As a Rice University
graduate, she is thrilled to be back in Houston after a long stint of living in
other cities. 
You don’t have to have “sales” in your title to participate in any of our workshops or classes. You only need to realize you need help reaching more potential clients or customers in your field. I’ve seen great strides gained from the material I present. 
I want that for you!

Enjoy some of our free offerings at CatherineBrown.net.
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